Foreign language speaking skills make our life more colorful, more vivid and more interesting. Mastering even one foreign language opens up opportunities for communication, traveling, and the most important thing is that it plays a huge role in career development.

Welcome to the International Centre of training, technology training and business development at Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev, if you want to:

  • learn English, German, French and Arabic;
  • get the additional qualification  “Translator in the Field of Professional Communication”;
  • go for an internship abroad (training and internship programs in Cyprus, The USA,Great Britain, Au-Pair Program in Germany, DAAD).

The International Centre provides language learning at all levels from Starter to Advanced, innovative teaching methods, highly qualified teachers, native speaker teachers, individual approach, the study of language in modern comfortable classrooms. Attending our lessons, you will develop your speaking skills in the shortest possible time and learn the translation skills.

Our pedagogical principles are small groups of students, using games in teaching a language, approved teaching methods.

Learning foreign languages with us will be very interesting.